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Top 8 Rings to Pop the Question With

Rings are the perfect way to show your commitment to your partner and express your everlasting love to them. They help couples show the world how much they love each other and that they plan on spending the rest of their lives together. Rings are one of those precious jewelry items that people wear often to be reminded of the loyalty and devotion of the person who gave them to them. Choose the perfect ring for your partner below and might as well pop the special question while you are at it! Keep in reading to know all about all these precious rings and how to take care of them.

Promise Ring

#1 Promise Ring:

If you want to make a promise to someone; whether it be your wife or your beloved girlfriend, let the promise ring help you solve the problem. A promise ring means devotion to the person as it symbolizes love and affection. The heart design on the ring is enough to tell a person about your feelings.

Princess Cut Engagement Ring

#2 Princess Cut Engagement Ring:

The elegancy in the ring is enough to leave a person endlessly staring in awe. Princess cut engagement ring is the never-aging style that promises elegance along with a dose of romance. The romantically classic look of the ring is a perfect fit for a person with a sophisticated personality.

Three Stone Engagement Ring

#3 Three Stone Engagement Ring:

The three stoned engagement ring symbolizes three specific times; past, present, and your future with your partner. The perfect gift for your soul mate is this ring with three beautifully set stones; a perfect way to tell your companion how much you appreciate the time you both spent together, are spending and will be spending in the future.

Halo Engagement Ring

#4 Halo Engagement Ring:

The radiating beauty of the halo engagement ring is captivating enough to capture the wearer’s heart forever. If you want to impress your partner and propose at the same time then presenting them with the halo ring would be a perfect idea. The engagement rings come in many different styles and designs and every ring has its specific meaning to it but the Halo ring symbolizes one particular thing; infinite love.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

#5 Solitaire Engagement Ring:

This solitaire engagement ring features a finely cut diamond that represents raw and pure love. The solitaire ring can help you express your true feelings and intentions for your significant other. You can use this gorgeous ring to pop the question and seal the deal once and for all. Waste no more time and show your significant other how much you truly love and appreciate them with this elegant ring.

Side Stone Engagement Ring

#6 Side Stone Engagement Ring:

This side stone engagement ring features a big shiny diamond in the middle, which is carefully surrounded by many tiny diamonds on the side. If your partner is into big gestures, then this engagement is the ideal option for you. Plan a beautiful evening and surprise them with this blingy yet stylish engagement ring and steal their heart all over again!

Wedding Set Engagement Ring

#7 Wedding Set Engagement Ring:

Just like you and your partner’s perfect couple, the wedding set includes both the engagement and wedding band. Get your hands on this set now so you can surprise your partner with a beautiful gift on both the special events; the proposal and the wedding. This wedding set engagement ring can help you get the best of both worlds with just a single purchase.

Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

#8 Cushion Cut Engagement Ring:

Cushion-cut engagement rings have been the talk of the town due to their simplicity and elegance. If you want to surprise your partner with something trendy yet super elegant, then this cushion cut engagement ring is the best option for you. Celebrate the special moment with your partner along with this stunning engagement ring and store all of the memories into it. Your partner will be reminded of the time you both spent together whenever they look at this ring on their finger.

Cleaning Rings:

Cleaning a ring requires a simple, easy method that anyone can perform without having to break the bank. If you own a diamond ring, then follow these simple steps to keep your ring clean and grime-free at all times:

· Grab a bowl that is big enough to hold the ring and fill it up with lukewarm water.

· Pour a few drops of dish soap into the water and mix it properly with a spoon.

· Place your ring in and let it rest there for 20 – 40 minutes, no more than that.

· Grab a toothbrush with soft bristles and gently brush the stone till it looks clean.

· Rinse the ring with warm running tap water and dry it with a soft towel.

If the ring is still not clean enough, repeat the steps, and voila, there you have it, a perfectly clean diamond ring minus the damage!

Should you clean your rings yourself?

It is advised to seek professional help if you want to clean your diamond rings. Why you might ask? Well, it is because there are many chances of a mishap when cleaning the ring on your own. For instance, you can loosen a diamond when brushing off the grim with a brush. Or you can damage the band or the stones when attempting to clean it. So, it is better to let the professionals do the job with the right tools and utter care. You can get your ring cleaned nicely at without a hassle!

If you like any of the engagement rings mentioned above, then visit now and get your hands on your favorite one now! If you want something unique and custom-made, then they offer that too! They can work up a design with anything you have in mind while keeping your budget in check. They just have to take important measurements such as the size of your/significant other’s finger, choice of elements, and a custom design. Get a ring designed and customized for your other half and uniquely propose to them.

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