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8 Gemstones That Can Be Ideal For Your Engagement Ring

Most girls dream about diamond engagement rings, but not all of them want the same. Diamond might be beautiful and known for its sparkle, but there are a lot of other gemstone options also available that can be the perfect alternative for your engagement ring.

When you want your engagement ring to be unique and not the most mainstream option, why not try such beautiful gemstones that can make your engagement ring a lot more special.

We have compiled a list of gemstones that can be a perfect match for your engagement ring. So when saying YES, you do not have to think twice. Let's dive into the collection of absolutely stunning gemstones.


If you are planning to go for a silver or a rose gold ring, amethyst is a perfect choice. It is a purple stone that looks super stunning and beautiful. It is a stone that might require proper polishing and design to make it the best but trust me, the purple color will pop out of the Ring, and it will look extravagant. We think that you would get a YES for an answer.


If you know that your better half is more interested in trendy and beautiful stones, then going for Diamond might be a waste. Why not try Turquoise that is different yet trendy enough? This beautiful stone in the hues of green will attract a lot of attention. It might not be the clearest option, but it is fantastic for an engagement ring. You can pair it up with a gold engagement ring.


People who are looking for much more intricate designs should go for Sapphire. All the Sapphire is an expensive stone, but the properties that make it easier for intricate designs make it a wonderful option to consider. It is a beautiful stone that is available in the shades of pink, yellow, peach, and white. For me, this one is the best gemstone for an engagement ring. And trust me, this would look stunning with a silver ring.


Emerald is another expensive stone that people use for their engagement rings. The rich green color looks fantastic not only in which jewelry but also in the engagement ring. You can pair it up with a silver or a gold ring, and it will look just perfect. Also after Diamond, emerald is the next most popular stone to be used in engagement rings.


Are you more interested in finding a gemstone that is super unique and beautiful at the same time? Well, garnet can be your best bet. It checks all the boxes for a beautiful engagement ring gemstone. This gemstone is beautiful has a unique color. And looks stunning. It is a gemstone that has a deep red color. Trust me; this looks lovely in an engagement ring.


We have seen that after diamond, there are a lot of other gemstones that are popularly used for engagement rings. But among them, most of the stones are popular because of their green and peach hues. Tourmaline is another one of those incredibly great gemstone options that are available in a variety of green colors. The super incredible look combined with a silver or gold ring makes the color pop out even more. You just need to choose the ring appropriately and see how this gemstone looks on the engagement ring. Also, it is always better to talk to your girlfriend regarding his preference for the engagement ring so that you can avoid embarrassment later.


Ruby is a stunning and aesthetically pleasing gemstone that is known for the deep red color. It is a precious gemstone that is a popular choice for an engagement ring. Ruby reflects luxury and aesthetics. That deep red color looks stunning in the engagement ring. Ruby is hands down one of the best gemstones for an engagement ring. Even if you are skeptical about that now, but once you see it in an engagement ring of your choice, you will feel that there is no other option than Ruby.


Another beautiful and aesthetic gemstone is aquamarine. If you do not want to go for something super extravagant, that is Ruby or Emerald; you can go for aquamarine. It is lowkey and beautiful. The people who have a more simple look and offer a little more natural aesthetics, this aquamarine engagement ring would be a perfect choice. Not only The Pale blue color looks amazing but also it is a stylish and trendy option for the engagement ring.

Some other popular gemstones to try for the engagement ring

· Some other gemstones include tanzanite that has a beautiful blue tone. Even though it is a lesser known gemstone, but it looks absolutely lovely. Because of the look, it is even more valuable.

· You can also try Moonstone that has a beautiful peach tone combined with red and pink. It is a mineral found in abundance. Maybe it can be the perfect choice for your promise ring.

· Also, why don't you try a pearl ring? It will be a valuable option and trendy as well. People like Opal engagement rings as well, and Topaz is another one of the choices. Some other incredible choices include moissanite and morganite as well.

When you are planning to pop a ring very soon, why not consider some of your options as well. If you are not sure about getting a diamond engagement ring, there are multiple options for always choosing the gemstone engagement ring. These super gorgeous engagement rings will get you a YES for an answer. So why not you try checking out the ring options at Kramar Jewelry? Whether you are skeptical or confused, we can help you out with extravagant ring options. If you are looking for something trendy or stylish, we have it all.

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