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Diamond Engagement Ring Buying Guide

One of the most prolific wedding traditions in the United States is that of the diamond engagement ring. Today, a diamond engagement ring symbolizes a promise of love and marriage and cements plans for a wedding. However, the tradition of diamond engagement rings has a colorful history. Engagement rings were first given to women during Victorian times as a sign of the man's wish to marry her, much like today. The reasoning behind the gift of a ring was that the man had to provide some type of collateral to the woman to prove his good intentions. The ring served to guard against a man promising marriage and then taking off before the marriage occurred, leaving the woman with nothing.

What Does A Diamond Engagement Ring Symbolize?

Over time, diamond engagement rings have evolved to possess a much deeper, more romantic meaning. They symbolize love, hope, and a commitment to spending the rest of your lives with each other. Many modern couples pick out the diamond engagement ring together to choose the perfect ring that she'll love forever. Regardless of how the ring is chosen, couples should check out a wide selection of diamond engagement rings before settling on a ring to buy. This will give them plenty of time to compare pricing, quality, and settings among different jewelers until they find the best engagement ring.

A diamond ring is a wonderfully popular gift. Diamond engagement rings are an ideal token of one's devotion, affection, and intimate bond. The circular band is a symbol of eternity, perfection, and wholeness. Visible to its wearer and noticeable to others, it's a perfect jewelry piece to mark a sentimental moment or remind one of a milestone. Diamond rings can range from dainty and simple to elaborate and eye-catching making them perfect for any occasion.

Engagement Ring Styles You Need to Know

As the meaning behind diamond engagement rings has evolved, so have the designs. Though today most engagement rings are set with a diamond as the center stone, this was not always the case. Different gemstones used to be chosen for their symbolism, but by the 1900s, almost all engagement rings used diamond center stones thanks to their prestige and value. Over the last century, a number of beautiful diamond engagement ring designs have emerged. Some of the most popular choices today include the 3 stone diamond engagement ring, the diamond solitaire engagement ring, and the diamond engagement ring with pave diamonds surrounding the center stone. carries a beautiful collection of unique diamond rings. Browse through our collection of exquisitely designed Diamond Engagement Rings. You'll be sure to find one that fits your style and your special occasion.

Surprise your loved one with a diamond solitaire ring or a diamond side stone ring, which are designed to symbolize a lifetime of love and commitment. They are the perfect way to express your growing love, your unending admiration, and your evolving partnership.

Choosing the Right Metal for Your Engagement Ring

Becoming on both men and women, diamond rings don't have to be delicate or petite. They can also make a bold statement. Diamonds can be set in almost any metal: gold, silver, platinum, titanium, stainless steel, or tungsten. Moreover, diamonds don't have to stand alone. Pair a colorless diamond with a black diamond. Juxtapose a yellow diamond with two blue sapphires. Showcase a small half carat white diamond in a platinum band inlaid with opal or shell. Many three stone diamond rings feature rubies or emeralds that frame the center stone to add a bit of color and variety to the ring.

Diamond Engagement Ring Cuts

Diamond engagement rings also come in a wide variety of stone cuts, including Emerald cut, Princess cut, Asscher cut, Radiant cut, and Cushion cut. Regardless of the type of diamond engagement ring you are looking for, Kramar Jewelry carries hundreds of beautiful diamond engagement rings in all shapes, styles, and price ranges. Even better, Kramar Jewelry offers wholesale diamond engagement ring prices to the public, which will put the perfect ring well within your budget.

Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Shopping for diamond engagement rings can be a stressful experience, but it doesn't have to be. With a courteous and knowledgeable guide, it can actually be an enjoyable process. The professionals at Kramar Jewelry, the leading jewelry store in Royal Oak, Michigan, take great pleasure in answering customers' questions and educating them about the nuances of shopping for diamond engagement rings. By the time you unveil your new ring to your blushing-bride-to-be, you'll sound like an expert on diamond engagement rings too!

Kramar Jewelry has been in the jewelry business for 60 years. Here you will find the most competitive prices available, all without sacrificing quality. Indeed, the experienced and professional staff at Kramar Jewelry prides itself on the unparalleled style and cut of their diamond engagement rings.

The sheer diversity of diamond sets in Kramar Jewelry's inventory will take your breath away. From Asscher cut diamonds to loose emerald cut diamonds and much more, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Affordable Engagement Rings

Contrary to popular belief, affordable engagement rings do exist. Nobody says that just because you are shopping for engagement rings, you have to break the bank or get a second mortgage. In fact, there are many ways to get a relatively affordable engagement ring that will be a beautiful and impressive piece of jewelry, and you may just use the savings towards your honeymoon!

The first thing to do when beginning to shop for women's diamond jewelry is to ask yourself how much you can really afford towards the engagement rings. It's very important that you set this limit; Kramar Jewelry will work with your budget to find you the perfect engagement ring.

Engagement Ring Settings

Once you establish your budget, you should look at the type of settings that you want and how it will present the diamond. For example, solitaire settings are designed to make the center stone appear raised and prominent. That is why most solitaire settings are relatively plain-looking, as the viewer's focus is on the diamond. You can get away with an optical illusion of a small diamond appearing larger than it really is, and save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars, making this an excellent tip for finding affordable engagement rings. Also, if your partner indicates that she really likes certain types of settings, which are relatively expensive, it would be wiser to spend the money towards the settings that you know she loves and dedicate a bit less towards the diamond, and this too will enable you with the option for affordable engagement rings.

The next money-saving tip and this is the real trick to getting affordable engagement rings, is to look for a diamond with borderline characteristics. There are many features in a diamond that simply cannot be appreciated by most of us, such as Internally Flawless and D color diamonds. Unless under a microscope, it's impossible to differentiate between an Internally Flawless and a VS or even VS2 diamond, yet the difference will be hundreds if not thousands of dollars. The same rule applies with diamond color, which is only noticeable in most cases when compared with a diamond with a color grading at least 3-5 levels higher or lower. This is probably the most important but little practiced tip in finding affordable engagement rings.

How Much to Spend on an Engagement Ring

So the big decision has been made. You have decided to propose to the girl that you love and stun her with the perfect diamond ring. However, you have no idea of how much to spend on the engagement ring.

Friends, family, and the internet will probably provide a wealth of information, some of it useful and helpful, while some of it not. You have probably heard the "2 month's salary" rule, positing the tradition of spending a large amount of money towards engagement rings.

While some big box jewelers welcome those sorts of traditions for obvious reasons, the truth is that you can achieve a beautiful, excellent quality, and stunning diamond engagement ring for less than you think.

Kramar Jewelry believes that the 2 month's salary rule is not the best way to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. This tradition pressures people to purchase engagement rings based on money and not based on actual considerations of the diamond engagement ring's quality.

For some, buying a diamond with a heavy carat weight is impressive as it is expensive. It's important that the beauty of the engagement ring depends on its quality and design, and not how much you will spend on it, and you shouldn't feel pressured by others who tell you how much to spend on engagement rings.

At Kramar Jewelry, our customer support team, comprised of qualified jewelry experts, believes that our clients should not feel that the price of the diamond engagement ring should be the determining factor in making this important purchase. Rather, the entire staff's mission is to help our customers decide how much to spend on engagement rings, all tailored to individual budgetary preferences and requirements.

Kramar Jewelry's jewelry experts will use their years of experience in finding the perfect combinations of cut, color, clarity, and carat weight to provide you with a well balanced, beautiful, yet affordable diamond engagement ring that will make your dreams come true.

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