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Engagement Ring Trends to Know for 2022

Fashion trends change over time based on what’s in style, but is it the same for the jewelry? Well, in most cases, classic styles reign supreme, but there are many more modern styles to look out for. Especially if it is an engagement ring, people take their time to choose one. When choosing engagement rings, at times the family heirloom comes into action whereas many want to opt for a trendy by royal ring design. What would you choose if you are planning on getting engaged in 2022? No clue yet? Here’s a list of what’s hot in 2022.

Engagement Ring Trends to Know for 2022

Here are our Engagement Ring Trends to Know for 2022 that are going to be in fashion for the upcoming year:

Two / Three Stoned Rings

Two stoned or diamond rings are very popular these days. They call it “toi et moi”. It is a French word that stands for you and me. It represents the unbreakable bond of two individuals who are about to be engaged. This style comes from Napolean Bonaparte's age when he gifted these two stoned rings to his partner on engagement. Now, you see celebrities like Ariana Grande or Kylie Jenner wearing them. Apart from that, the three stoned rings with a bigger frame and stones are perfect for your engagement. They are casual and go well with every dress, and it is something you can wear all the time.

Oval-Cut Rings

These rings have got quite popular since last year, and that should continue next year. These oval-cut rings are so famous because they look flawless on your finger, and it makes the diamond or gemstone look bigger in length. As the celebrities have worn it like Kardashians or Hailey Bieber, their popularity continues to rise. It started with a 2% preference in 2015, but by the end of 2020, it had touched the 19% rate, which is quite something.

Vintage Rings

No matter how modern or advanced you become, you can never kill the vintage vibe. There is always room for vintage collections in every age. Among these famous vintage rings, a blue sapphire ring that Kate Middleton wore in her engagement is the one that had its belonging from Princess Diana. Vintage is a sign of royalty, and people who belong to the family of traditions wear these vintage rings in their engagements. These days, it is a popular trend to bring your grandmother’s wedding ring and transform the stone into the new trendy frame to give it a stunning look. If you have watched Bridgerton, you will love vintage rings even more.

Bezel Set Rings

Bezel setting for the engagement rings is becoming the new trend these days. Bezel rings have given room to replace the metals more from the precious stones and diamonds. It was a common practice for the rings back in past centuries but bringing back that trend and putting it in new modernized ring shapes is the trend that will flourish even more in upcoming years. People are considering them for their wedding or engagement rings as it shows a minimalist, clean aesthetic. They are adequate for daily handwork and protect the gem from bigger metal bezels.

Yellow Diamond Rings

If you are one of those who does not want your ring to be colorless and yet wish to have a diamond ring for your engagement, here is something for you. It is now common that people are looking for colored diamonds. It was less likely to see yellow rings if you saw them a decade ago, but now there has been a great change in people’s way of thinking. Yellow diamond rings are quite popular this year, and the same will be next year. When you are out there searching for something that gives a great value and is still unique, this would be your ultimate pick.

Non-Diamond Rings

If you talk to jewelers, you will get to know the changing trends of brides these days. Unlike in the past, some women prefer gems other than diamonds. Instead, they are going with the sturdier gemstones that they can wear daily. If you look at these rings, they will look as close to diamond rings, but they are colorful gemstones. Another reason is that they are less expensive and more readily available to purchase.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

People are going more for the unique options rather than sticking with the same old royal picks. Yellow and white gold has had a prestigious position, but now we see the interest of ladies growing for rose gold rings. Now people are looking for stylish looks and detailed designs rather than traditional ring styles.

These are the engagement rings trends to know for 2022. Keep them in mind if you are planning on popping the question, or hoping to get engaged next year! Stop by Kramar Jewelry in Royal Oak, Michigan for the best prices and selection for the trendiest engagement rings of 2022.

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