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Everything you need to know about upgrading your wedding band

Upgrading your wedding ring isn't just a matter of touching up the design of the ring to suit your style; it's about re-enacting your marriage vows and all the memories that come with it. Marriage is a bond that binds you to your partner in the most meaningful way ever. After years of spending time with that very person, the spark that connects you two can get dimmed because of all the hardships in life and struggles that arise with it

To renew that spark, you celebrate each other on many different occasions. Some of the best ways to do that are by upgrading your wedding rings. These rings are a symbol of the love and commitment that couples have for each other. After years of wearing them, it is quite common for the rings to be worn down. Therefore, it's normal to change up their design or refurbish it. However, some screw-ups can come with renewing them. Thankfully we've got you covered so you don’t run out of ideas!

Reasons for upgrading

There’s no rule about keeping your wedding rings the same for the rest of your married life. Nobody frowns upon that so don’t you worry about offending anyone. Upgrading wedding bands are all about respecting how far you’ve come in life with your partner, bringing a new spark to your marriage. There are multiple reasons for upgrading your wedding bands:

  • Renewing marriage vows: The whole act of renewing wedding vows is realizing how far you’ve come in life as a couple, facing all the obstacles in life as a team. The rededication makes this bond that much stronger. Many couples while renewing their wedding vows, touch up their wedding bands as well to make the ceremony as real as it can get.

  • On special occasions: It’s becoming a trend to enhance some part of your marriage on special occasions like anniversaries, different milestones, holidays, etc. The same goes for wedding bands as well. Couples renew their wedding rings to make the occasion extremely meaningful and memorable. These significant occasions are perfect for expressing love and gratitude for a spouse, and an improved wedding band effectively conveys that message.

  • Keeping up with fashion trends: Over the years, wedding ring designs that once used to be in trend no longer have that appeal. This is quite inevitable and common for couples to fashion their bands into something that suits their sense of style.

  • The previous ring is damaged: Jewelry, like most things, is susceptible to wear and tear. When this is the case, some of the best solutions are to recreate a new wedding band using parts from the old one. The new ring can be fashioned from a design that combines the gemstone(s) or metal(s) from the original ring, or both. Similarly, if you've misplaced your wedding band, you can have it reproduced such that it looks identical to the original. All you'll need are a few photos or images of the original ring.

How can one upgrade the ring?

It might be a little hard to part ways with your original ring design, but there are ways to preserve the sentimental values of the ring all the while renewing its design.

  • Polishing: If you’re too attached to your wedding ring and do not want to bring any type of change to it then you can just polish and refurbish the stone set on it. Years of wearing the ring can bring scratches and marks on the precious stone engrained on the ring. The worn-out look becomes less appealing day by day. Therefore it is recommended that you polish and refine your ring from a professional jeweler so it's in the right hands.

  • Changing up the size: Wedding rings are a commitment on their own. You have to wear them throughout your married life however it might become difficult to keep on wearing them if it doesn’t even fit anymore. Just resize the rings and wear them comfortably for the rest of your life.

  • Customizing: Here we talk about engraving something on the inside or outside of your wedding band. This is such an amazing way to express your love to your partner. You can communicate that affection by customizing the ring with your style. You can even write your partner’s name over the ring!

What to do with the old ring

Even if you don’t follow all these upgrading ideas and design a whole new ring for yourself, the question of “what to do with the old ring?” does appear on your mind. The answer is pretty simple. You do whatever you want to do with it. However, it doesn’t hurt to entertain some ideas that we’ve got for you:

Selling the ring: Since wedding rings aren’t cheap and come with a hefty price tag, you can sell the ring and get another one made in its place. The credit will be all yours and you can even upgrade the diamond kept on it.

Restore it: No matter how precious your newly designed wedding ring is, your original wedding band still holds sentimental value. If you can’t part with it, you can just preserve it for your children or wear it over a different hand or finger. That way it will always be with you. Another way to preserve it is by taking out its stone and including it in your new ring design.

It is all about looking at things from a different perspective. Before coming across this article, you might never have thought of so many options for renewing weddings as well as engagement rings. No matter how much time goes by, years of regular wearing of your wedding ring will eventually catch up to you. Before it's too late, get your hands on these amazing ring upgrading ideas and forever preserve their value!

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