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How To Keep Your Wedding and Engagement Rings Shining Forever

We all hate to admit it, but it’s inevitable: eventually, your precious wedding or engagement ring may lose their luster. No matter where you got it from, the sparkling gems may become cloudy and lack that glistening appeal. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to keep your ring shining for years to come!

#1 Don't Remove It in Public:

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional ring flash, it just gives you a chance to show it off and feel proud of it. However, removing it in public is a sure-fire way to make your ring dirty! It’s inevitable that if you take off your ring in a restaurant or theater without a protective sleeve, you will leave behind a trail of fingerprints. These fingerprints may be small for a few minutes, but eventually, they will build up and leave a permanent grease mark on your ring.

#2 Avoid Touching the Center Stone:

When you are wearing your ring, it’s very common to shake your hand around, touching other fingers and the ring without realizing it. This is fine up to a point, but if you are touching the center stone of your ring with another finger, this will leave behind a very noticeable scratch! Rings can be easily scratched off by other fingers if they are improperly sized or worn down. Likewise, rings that have stones that are too small for them should be avoided as well.

#3 Don't Wear It Out in Water:

Taking your wedding/engagement ring swimming may seem like a good idea at the time, but the calcium in the water will eventually corrode your wedding/engagement ring. The chlorine in the water will buildup on your ring and make it appear dull. Typically, you should avoid wearing your ring in swimming pools, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, or even the sea.

#4 Wear A Protective Sleeve:

Wearing a protective sleeve for your wedding/engagement ring will minimize the amount of dirt you are likely to bring along every day. If you have a very cheap ring, it might be worth investing in a cheap plastic cover to protect it from dust and scratches. If the ring is more expensive, however, we would suggest investing in something slightly more durable that will not scratch or stick to your finger when you take it off.

#5 Use the Right Cleaning and Polishing Solution:

It is important to use the correct polishing and cleaning solutions when you want to take your ring off. When you get down to putting your ring into it, make sure that you do not use a lot of force. Prevent any further damage, use certified products and the right techniques when cleaning your ring. Make sure any harsh product is not damaging the band or the stone.

#6 Avoid Sleeping with Your Ring:

Many people are tempted to sleep with their rings on, and while this may seem like a good idea to help prevent losing your favorite pieces, it is very bad for the ring. When you sleep with your ring on, it will likely rotate and pull against the skin on your finger overnight. This overnight friction will cause stretching and cramping in the skin around the ring which can cause bruising or blood infections. Not only that, but it can also cause the ring to get scratched or damaged as well.

#7 Store It Properly:

When you want to store your wedding/engagement ring for a long period, make sure that you put it in a box or pouch that will keep it from getting scratched or rusted. You can buy special wedding ring boxes or pouches that will help you protect your ring from unnecessary damage and moisture. While this isn’t essential, it can be a good idea to preserve your ring for as long as possible.

#8 Take It to A Professional Jeweler:

If you want to avoid unnecessary arm work, take advantage of your local jeweler! Most jewelers will be happy to polish your wedding/engagement ring for you at an affordable price. Many jewelers do this sort of thing on the side anyway, so they will happily help you out. Furthermore, their expertise will help keep the ring safe and shiny.

#9 Use A New Band:

Taking advantage of the fact that many jewelers will be happy to fix your ring for free can save you from having to get all your rings re-sized or replaced. If the band of your ring is getting damaged to the point where it needs to be changed, then change it. Yes, it may sound like a hassle, but it will help preserve the stone for a longer time.

#10 Only Buy the Best:

Buying your rings from reputable sellers like Kramar Jewelry can help you keep your ring in good condition. Buying high-quality rings like such brands can help you get the best quality, and free tips on how you can get to shine forever.

#11 Consider Getting Your Stone Replaced:

If you need to replace a lost or broken gemstone in your gemstone ring, there are seamstresses located near you that may be able to do this for you! This means that you can get back to wearing your favorite piece of jewelry in no time. Follow the tips mentioned above to take good care of your ring and avoid getting to the point where you need to get it changed.

As you can see, there are quite a few important things that you need to know about your wedding/engagement ring/ It’s may be difficult to get the hang of keeping your ring in good condition, but it is worth doing. Whether you do this for yourself or if someone else wants to take care of it for you, always make sure that you get your precious rings the best treatment.

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