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How to Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring Online

Are you planning to pop the Big Question to your better half? If so, you have got a lot to do. From planning the proposal and engagement party, to the wedding itself. But when it comes to the star of the night, “the engagement ring,” everything has to be perfect to find a ring that your partner falls in love with. If you are shopping online, here are some things in mind to pick the perfect engagement ring without ever seeing it in person!

Find a suitable jeweler

Who doesn't want a breathtaking ring that perfectly fits? But for that, you need to find a reputable, knowledgeable jeweler. But that is again a perplexing task. Amidst thousands of Google search options, how would you find the diamond in the rough?

The best approach to getting a suitable jeweler is to always search for ratings, reviews, and testimonials. You can easily find their experiences on their social media pages which will give you a clear picture of the jeweler. Secondly, look through their gallery. Zoom in as much as possible to try and discern quality and clarity, as well as any imperfections.

If you want to be on the safe side, ask about their return policy, rating descriptions, and financing options. They will further help you to figure out the best of the best.

Select the Diamond

What is the best quality diamond? is it just about sparkle? This is where people can sometimes make mistakes. Picking a diamond on jewelry websites is a little different from selecting it in real life as in online shopping, you have to decipher the best quality from the pictures only.

If shopping online, you can still tell the majority of what you need to know about a ring's quality and clarity from a well-taken photo. To ensure that you get what you are looking for, Furman advises that you "demand video and images of the diamond or ring from all angles." You will have to wear the ring all your life, thus, do not blindly follow the latest trends.

Some people also buy loose diamonds online and search for a jeweler to fix them. But Furman denies this idea. He believes that we should select the diamond from the same place. That is, we should give full responsibility to one jeweler as he will go out of his way to make sure we get the best quality.

Carat Size

When choosing the best ring, some prioritize the carat size. While you can always change your opinion about the shape and band, carat size depends on your budget.

We must begin with the carat size since you may adjust the other of the ring's components to match your budget based on the carat size.

Thus, before starting the ring shopping, make a budget and get the rates of the carat. It will narrow down your selection from endless options and you would have a clear picture of what you want.

Get the perfect size

Imagine standing in the middle of the flowers with a man on his knees about to propose to you. In that dreamy moment, what if the ring is too small to fit or too big to fall? It will ruin the best day of your life. Thus, measuring the perfect size is the most important step.

Well, the good news is, ring sizes are mostly universal. The size chart might differ from country to country, but it is the same for all the shops within a country. So if you know where you live, you can easily get your perfect ring size. To get the perfect ring size, all you have to do is print out the ring size chart. You can also measure your finger using a string and compare it with a size chart.

If your perfect size comes in between the two standard sizes, always go for one size bigger. You can easily resize the ring to make it according to your desired size.


Look through the options with a clear mind

It is a common practice to look through every size and design on the internet before heading to purchase the actual one. While we think it will make us know what we want, in reality, it baffles our minds. With a plethora of options in mind, we always get indecisive about what we want. Thus, if you have selected a jeweler, it is always better to look at the options without having any pictures in the back of your mind.

Do not chase the trends

Every trend does not suit everyone. Just because your favorite celebrity is wearing a ring does not mean it would suit you. Thus, instead of blindly chasing the trend, evaluate what would suit you the best, even if it is mainstream.

Stick to your budget

We know engagements are overwhelming but that does not mean you should spend fortunes. It is better to make a budget beforehand and stick to it.

Do not shop for a ring at the last moment

We always panic in the last moments. Thus, start looking for options at least two months before the engagement. You can always pick the venue and menu at the last moment, but choosing a ring is not as easy as it sounds. It takes time and attention.


The world has changed from roaming around the markets to scrolling through the internet. While you purchase everything through online stores, why not the engagement ring? The above-mentioned tips are all you need to get a perfect ring online. So what are you waiting for? Start your shopping now!

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