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Must-haves for Planning a Dreamy Proposal

Having a fairytale proposal is the dream of every girl, and planning it can be difficult. But is it impossible? Well, absolutely not. When you have been waiting for this day for quite a while, you must have been looking for the inspiration and ideas to plan a spectacular proposal for your better half.

However, you should have a checklist ready with you when planning a dreamy proposal, so you don't miss out on anything. Below we have compiled a list of some of the essential must-have items that you need to have for the proposal. Dive into the list already and start planning the ultimate moment for your soulmate.

Do not forget the ring.

What a bummer it would be if you forget the ring when proposing. The proposal is incomplete without a ring. What you need to do is look for the perfect engagement ring that your partner will adore for life. There are a lot of incredible ring options available in silver and gold. You can also opt for Titanium and platinum rings. Make sure you are looking for the design that is as per the liking of your partner.

When surprising them with a proposal, you can certainly not ask them the ring design they love, but you can use other ways to understand their choice and liking. You will have to be careful when asking them anything regarding the proposal, so they don't get suspicious. These days the dainty and delicate rings with the Classic and Royal designs are very much in fashion. You can try those out, or look for some traditional options that are comparatively heavier but have an evergreen design.

Plan the day

When you have finally decided on the ring, you have to do the other things for the plan. You just do not have to give them a ring.; you have to plan a perfect day that stays in the memory forever. You can take them for a picnic or hiking if they are outdoorsy and love adventure. You can also plan an extravagant proposal with her friends and her family in your house. Setting up a rooftop with bright lights and other decorations can be just perfect. You can get some amazing photographs of the event as well.

One other incredible Idea would be to recreate your first date. You can take her to the same restaurant or place and order the same food you ordered on the first date. The first date is always special and stays in the memory. You can even strengthen the memory by proposing to her in the same way.

Also, if your better half is active on Instagram and loves taking photos, you can create an Instagram-worthy moment for her. That will be the perfect extravagant proposal that she would love. It will require you to have a backdrop and perfect lighting along with photographers.

Don't forget the music.

Music has always been important. You can play your favorite music while proposing to her, make sure it is soft and not super loud. Or you can play something that reminds you of beautiful memories together. Most people often want to dance to the song they first danced to, which is also super beautiful.

However, it is best to create a playlist or a mixtape containing all the perfect songs relating to a memory that you guys had in the past. It is a flawless addition to the proposal that you are planning on.

Do not forget the pictures.

If it is a surprise proposal, you might need to ask her friends to be on standby along with the professional photographer to capture the moment you pop the question, and she says YES. It would be the ultimate memories that you both will cherish all your life. Make sure somebody is capturing the moment properly. And for such beautiful surprises that are so close to the heart, friends, and family are the best to have around. Don't forget to take the blessing from the family and include them in your intimate moment so they can enjoy the day with you and celebrate the happiness.

Don't forget the champagne and her favorite food.

No celebration is complete without food and champagne. Get all her favorite food that she would enjoy having along with the champagne to celebrate the day. Food micro seems as important, but it will change the mood.

Also, if you want to keep the proposal super intimate, you can just put all the effort into the food and the ring, and your girl will be the happiest. And if you want to include the family together, how about a full-fledged family dinner after the proposal.

Invest in excellent quality engagement rings. It is better to invest in gold or Platinum. The Silver tends to dull down after some time, and you wouldn't want that. Therefore, you should invest in a beautiful and everlasting engagement ring that always shines.

Choose the engagement ring design as per the liking of your partner. If you have seen them wearing dainty jewelry, then you must opt for something trendy and dainty. However, if they are more into classic and traditional pieces, you should opt for something from the same kind and collection.


Engagement is a big change in your life. This is the moment when you start progressing towards marriage and a commitment for a lifetime. This moment is not only special for you, but your soulmate, and you both would want to capture it and cherish it all your life. The engagement ring is the important component of the proposal that shines on her finger throughout the marriage. Choose that wisely!

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