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The most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings

Finding that one engagement ring that binds you to your partner in the most precious way possible isn't as simple as you might think. It's not a piece of clothing that you buy out of a store, you need to put a little more effort into what you're looking for. An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that holds its very own meaning of love and commitment. You'll have to look for a piece that's nothing short of splendid. It should be something that speaks to your very soul. A great way to choose an engagement ring is to look for trends that compliment your partner's style and taste. If you're someone who doesn't follow trends then you should do thorough research on all the upcoming trends so you know what you're looking for. Many diamond shapes are highly popular in the fashion industry. Choosing from all these options can be a bit overwhelming and if you're an overthinker then it would be a disaster. When this happens what you can do is make your fiance-to-be your canvas. It would lead you to choose a piece that will not only drive your message across but would also suit your partner's choice.

Trendy diamond shapes for your fiancé

When you’re proposing, you want everything to be lined up perfectly especially the engagement ring. Something that would stay with your partner for the rest of her life, if everything goes well. Therefore, it’s important to choose a ring that not only relates to your partner’s taste and preference but also complements their personality.

Nothing’s better than jewelry that has a hidden meaning or even a meaningful message that stays with your fiancé-to-be wherever she is. You can choose a diamond shape not because of how they look but for what they represent as well. It would be a constant reminder of your love and affection that when times get rough. So you should make sure to find a stone that helps you put everything into perspective and find the one ring that would suit your partner the best.

Below are 8 of the most trending diamond shapes for engagement rings:


The round-cut diamonds are those that have been popular in every era. You’ll find it at every shop as the shape never seems to look old-fashioned or tacky. It is said that seventy-five percent of engagement rings are made with a round-cut which is the go-to design and structure for engagement. It's no surprise that everywhere you look, newly engaged partners have a round-shape diamond ready to take reign of your focus. The second your eyes lay on the stone, you’re sold by the sheer beauty it possesses, all thanks to the classy shape of the diamond. If you position it in the right lighting, the diamond would sparkle like crazy, reflecting upon your very hand convincing you that you’ve made the right choice. If you want your ring to have that typical, classic look then go ahead and get it.


Everybody’s new in the business of finding the right ring. If you want something that truly balances out your taste and the perfectness of the moment then go with the princess cut. Something precious for your very own princess. The design is quite innovative with a face-up style that complements the square or rectangular-shaped edges of the cut. The sharp edges make up for the softness of the look, providing a unique glimmer to the ring.


This is another well-liked diamond shape that has been in the jewelry industry for a very long time. It's like some of those fashion trends that resurface after a long time of being absent from the fashion industry. This beautiful cut is named after a cushion due to its square shape curved around the edges. If you want to be safe in case you believe your taste isn’t all that, a cushion-cut would be a perfect choice. The ring would give that vintage vibe that you would love to show off at family gatherings. However, if you want something unique and contemporary, the cushion-cut certainly won’t do.


Described as something right out of a modern fairy tale, this is quite the contemporary design and shape that most are going for these days. It is an elongated rectangular design that is carved with steps of linear facets usually shaped in parallels. In normal lighting, the silhouette of these shapes when looked through the right angle shoes the depths of a diamond. It has a decent sparkle that clears up the design set you up for a great photoshoot. The shine is pretty evident when you look at it from different angles.


If you want to lean towards something along the lines of elegant and majestic, marquise-cut is that through and through. It has a convex shape with curved sides and sharpened ends that make your finger seem longer when placed vertically. The stone flickers brilliantly when present within the orbit of light and sparkles about with much focus. However, you need to pay close attention to the cut while browsing to see if the stone is cut well or not. If the cut isn’t set right it shows poorly on the ring. Paying attention to detail is highly important when it comes to choosing an engagement ring.

Final Thoughts: Engagements are all about celebrating the infinite bond shared between two people. An engagement ring is the one piece of jewelry that makes it happen. Choosing it can be long and tedious but once you find the perfect ring, it would all be worth it. The best way to look for it would be to explore the market and see what's trending and what's not. Fortunately, you don’t have to do that because we've got everything sorted right here for you. You just have to skim through the different diamond shapes and choose what you like the most. Be it a round-cut or a cushion-cut, it doesn’t matter what you select everything on the list are the top most popular diamond shapes in the market so you don't have to worry about going against the trend. Whatever you find would certainly make your fiancé go ga-ga over your choice. She'd look for excuses to flaunt her engagement ring so you can sleep well knowing you've found the right one.

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