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Diamond Engagement Rings - Intrigue and Passion

When it comes to diamond engagement rings, intrigue and passion go hand in hand. What else explains why a reasonable person would give their finance such a precious and timeless gift? There is a very simple answer for this – a man (or woman) gives a diamond engagement ring to a woman (or man) who awakens his or her passion.

Diamonds Are Forever

But it is not only modern men and women who are not only passionate about diamonds. Since ancient times, diamonds have been a sign of romantic passion in people in many different cultures across the globe.

We can think back of the stories of pirates chasing ships to rob them of their treasures of gold and jewels. Or other tales of vast riches of precious stones held by mysterious Arab sheiks or Indian rajahs. And throughout European history, the heads of royal houses have been brought to the throne with crowns adorned with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and other valuable gems.

South Africa's Cullinan Diamond

The majority of people who buy diamond engagement rings purchase a ring that has a one-carat diamond in it or even smaller. Sometimes people may go up to two, three, or four carats, but these can get very expensive, especially for higher grade diamonds with much better levels of purity.

The biggest rough diamond that was ever found was the Cullinan Diamond, which was discovered in South Africa. It weighed 3,106 carats. Can you picture trying to get that diamond to fit into a diamond engagement ring? You can view the Cullinan Diamond at the Tower of London, where it is on display in the British crown jewels collection.

The Origins of Diamonds

Adamas- which is Greek for diamond- means unconquerable. That really says it all; we all know that diamonds are indestructible. Since diamonds were discovered, they have been passionately sought after, fought over, hoarded, stolen, traded, worshipped, and even used for casting spells in cultures all over the world. Given their rich history, you probably are thinking that diamonds are the most complex stones of all. However, they are actually the simplest ones. This is because, despite all of their fiery beauty, incredible hardness, and sparkling appearance, diamonds are pure carbon which oddly makes them the pencil's first cousin.

Diamond Engagement Rings – Love Tokens

Since the time that Adam and Eve were living in the Garden of Eden, love tokens have been given. Diamond engagement rings make the perfect love tokens. That is because a diamond will look the same 50 years, or even 100 years, from now as it does inside your finance's diamond engagement ring today. Although a love token could be practically anything, including a charm, picture, or book, nothing can compare to a diamond engagement ring for capturing the imagination and heart of your woman's soul.

Diamond Symbolism

The diamond during ancient times was thought to make wearers victorious and courageous over enemies. Despite all of their power, it is also true that diamonds were considered to be symbols of innocence and modesty. When worn on one's left side and set in gold, diamonds were thought to have the power to soothe savage beasts and drive nightmares away.

The Dazzle of Hollywood

Diamond engagement rings frequently are cast, designed, and sold in the exact same romantic spots as famous movies are. Famous cities such as Hollywood, Paris, Los Angeles, London, and New York City, have been locations where some of the most famous scenes have taken place that feature dazzling diamond engagement rings. The famous thieves, millionaires, movie stars, and designers have stolen, bought, and sold diamonds for their women for one compelling reason- the intrigue and passion of true love.

Diamond Engagement Rings in Royal Oak, MI

Diamonds are still the number one stone that couples choose for an engagement ring. This might be a solitaire engagement ring, a three-stone setting, or some other design, but whichever style, it is highly likely that a diamond will be somewhere in the ring. Diamonds have always been the most prized of all of the precious stones, and that continues today, which is one of the reasons for the ongoing popularity of diamond engagement rings in Royal Oak.

Build Your Own Diamond Engagement Ring

To build your own engagement ring is to take the reins in what will most likely be one of your most monumental jewelry purchases. Every diamond engagement ring begins from two main choices: the diamond and the engagement ring setting. To be perfectly happy with your engagement ring is to make each of these decisions carefully. In order to do so, it is best to educate yourself about the four Cs of diamonds and the main types of engagement ring settings before you begin to build your own engagement ring.

How to Select a Setting for Your Engagement Ring

The wide world of engagement rings can leave a novice diamond jewelry shopper feeling quite helpless. That is why it may be wise to start to build your own engagement ring from a major aspect of the ring that is based more on personal style and preference than on prior knowledge or budget. By choosing to start by selecting a setting, you are determining the overall appearance of your engagement ring. Each engagement ring setting has its own personality. Here you will find a concise description of each of the major types of engagement ring settings that are meant to help you select a setting.


Solitaire engagement ring settings seem to be the most popular, perhaps because they let a single diamond have its maximum effect. Starring just one diamond, these engagement rings are the most admired of all.


Pave engagement ring settings use tiny diamonds to achieve a sophisticated, diamond-encrusted look. Some would say that pave diamond rings are actually vintage diamond rings.


Sidestone engagement ring settings are beautiful in their own right, with a minimum of two diamonds around the center stone, creating a more elaborate effect.


Unique engagement ring settings are the engagement rings that have a distinctly different appearance, made to be as unique as the people wearing them. These engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular in this age of individuality.

Three Stone

Three stone engagement ring settings are usually of the same size. Three stone ring settings are meant to signify the couple "s shared past, present, and future.

Halo Setting

The halo ring is another elegant choice for your engagement ring. This sparkling design offers a bold look, featuring multiple stones with a larger center stone framed by smaller diamonds, creating a halo, earning the ring its unique name. The addition of more sparkling diamonds increases the shine the center stone casts and can allow a center stone to seem grander, creating a gorgeous silhouette on your finger.

Wedding Sets

Wedding sets are more than engagement ring settings, as they feature wedding rings in addition to engagement rings. The magic of these sets is that they match perfectly as they are made to fit into each other.

If you are looking for an engagement ring in Royal Oak, Kramar Jewelry is one of the best jewelers in the city. We are located in Royal Oak, Michigan, and are easy to get to. You can call to arrange a private viewing so you can get some ideas of the different styles available. Kramar Jewelry staffs goldsmiths and gemologists, each with more than 35 years of experience, and can talk to you about the different quality of diamonds you can find.

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