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Five Unforgettable Ring Trends

Engagement rings have been an important part of romantic relationships since the ancient Egyptian era. It is a symbol of commitment and companionship that you can wear as a statement piece.

When we think about engagement rings, a sleek band with a glimmering diamond appears in our minds. However, the diamond engagement ring trend was only popularized in 1920. Before that, people used bands made of different precious metals encrusted with stones like emerald, ruby, sapphire, etc.

With the changing trends of the current world, we see different types of engagement rings being popularized by celebrities and royal families. If you are wondering what some unforgettable wedding and engagement ring trends of the modern world are, then keep reading!

The modern ring trends are all about customization, layering, and eye-catching stone cuts. Here are the five most stylish trends that you can take inspiration from:

1. The Hidden Halo

The halo around the diamond in engagement rings trend started in the late 1920s. This design was inspired by the art deco style that featured a frame of small diamonds around the bigger one.

These days the halo design is a bit more concealed that you can only see from the side. From the top, it looks like a regular engagement ring, but from the side, it shows a halo or tiny diamonds that make the ring even more special.

Nowadays, this trend has become quite popular because of its dainty appeal. Hidden halo rings come in all shapes. The shape of the halo depends on the cut of the diamond, which gives the stone a beautiful lift.

This style allows you to personalize your ring without taking the attention from the main stone. Whether you opt for a diamond or your birthstone, the halo underneath the stone will add a touch of personality to your beautiful commitment ring.

2. Couple Birthstone Ring

Engagement rings with the birthstone of both parties are becoming increasingly popular. This trend is also known as Toi Et Moi, which translates into “You and Me.” Modern celebrities like Meghan Fox, Ariana Grande, and Kylie Jenner have played a major role in bringing this trend back.

Back then, the French Empress Josephine had a beautiful two-stone engagement. Later on, this style was adapted by Jackie Kennedy, featuring a diamond and an emerald in her engagement ring.

This trend allows you to personalize the engagement ring for your partner. This way, they will always have your and their birthstone with them. It is a wonderful way to exchange different aspects of your life that make you unique but are now joined together.

The ultra-romantic nature of this ring makes it ideal for love birds getting married. It is a symbol of two souls becoming one tying an inseparable knot.

3. Gender Neutral Wedding Bands

In the mid-2010s, the world experienced a massive incline toward gender-neutral fashion, and wedding rings were no exception. Since then, this trend has remained popular among couples who like to keep things simple. A wedding band that can be worn by both men and women has been highly demanded.

The minimal appearance of the band makes it a great choice for everyday wear. Plus, you can pair it with different pieces of jewelry without creating a clash. It symbolizes a simple and eternal bond between two people.

These wedding bands are made with gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and other precious materials. However, this does not mean you cannot add gemstones to the ring. Such simple rings are ideal for people with jobs that require more simplicity and practicality.

4. Custom Stackable Rings

Stackable jewelry is all the rage these days. It allows complete customization and allows you to tweak the look whenever you want. Most stackable rings have one or two thin bands and one statement ring with a noticeable stone.

Heidi Klum’s alexandrite ring is the perfect example of a simple stacked engagement ring. This pave band increases the opulent appeal of the ring. Some people also like to stack their grand wedding ring over their simple engagement ring to wear both rings together.

The most famous example of this style is Queen Elizabeth II. She stacked her diamond wedding ring over her gold engagement to showcase her love for both pieces. When stacking, you can also opt for different metals.

This trend is becoming more popular among eclectic individuals who cherish small memories and keep a symbol of beautiful moments with them. It is one of the modern wedding and engagement ring trends, and it is here to stay.

5. The Oval Cut Diamond

The brilliant round cut is the most popular cut of diamond which can be seen in most wedding and engagement rings. However, people gravitate more toward bigger and oval-shaped diamonds.

The oval cut diamond is simple and glimmers elegantly. The oval cut is also more affordable than a round cut, promoting an appreciation for the precious stone without overspending.

Celebrities and influencers are choosing this cut because of its sophistication and brilliance. Kourtney Kardashian, Blake Lively, and Hailey Bieber flaunt their oval engagement rings all over social media. The big oval diamond stone signifies grandeur and elegance.

You can also get an oval cut diamond with a halo to combine two of the most desired engagement ring trends of recent years. Pair this with a simple band to let the oval diamond take the spotlight. This cut of a diamond has been one of the most searched on Google for the past five years, which means it is here to stay!

Final Words: Whether you choose a diamond, your partner’s birthstone, or no stone at all, the most important feature of the ring is the love it holds. If you are looking for sparkling engagement or wedding rings, then check out our complete collection at Kramar Jewelry.

Our rings are made with love and passion, featuring the finest stones and precious metals. You can get custom rings to suit your partner’s preference and watch their eyes shine with awe.

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